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Dementia information at your fingertips

I just dropped my 91-year-old father and his wife off at Logan Airport. They live outside of LA, and were visiting here for a week.  My father has clearly deteriorated both physically and mentally with increased dementia since I visited him several months ago.

When will home care workers get ‘enough pay to stay?’

Picture a widowed elderly woman in her mid-80s. She needs help daily with bathing, dressing and toileting. But she has one more problem. She has been told that there are no workers available to come into her home to fill all the hours of care she needs. This scenario is happening more and more across the commonwealth. The recruitment and retention of home care aides, home health aides, and care managers poses a real threat to the independence of many of our older neighbors. The image of a low-wage/high-turnover job makes it hard to find and keep home care workers. We must do better if we are to keep up with our fastest growing demographic - those over age of 60. We must give these workers "enough pay to stay."

Certificate in ‘Adulting’

By Marianne Delorey Every generation creates its own lingo. Recently, Millennials have coined the word “Adulting” to mean “being responsible.” Many 20- to 30-year-olds are...

The State of the (elderly) Commonwealth

No governor since Mitt Romney in 2006 has mentioned "elders' in their State of the Commonwealth speech. On Jan. 24, Gov. Charlie Baker made reference to a yet-to-be filed executive order that would focus on older adults---but the details of the order are not known. We applaud the governor for mentioning older adults in his speech, and we are prepared to work with him on his executive order. But there are major fears among the elderly that need to be addressed, in light of rhetoric coming out of Congress and the White House.

Middle Name: Chocolate?

By Janice Lindsay Answer this question: In a parking lot, you stroll past a brand new Mercedes. Glancing in the passenger-side window, you see an...

Combating demographic deafness

By Al Norman Over a period of seven years, I criticized former Governor Deval Patrick for rarely mentioning the elderly in his annual State of...

The president-elect and the future of Medicare, Medicaid

By Al Norman In October of 2016, before Donald Trump became president-elect, The Atlantic magazine published an article called “Trump’s Graying Army.” “Senior citizens are his...

Programs for the elderly should be ‘untouchable’

By Al Norman When state budget projections turn south, money for the elderly and disabled should be protected from cuts. Usually in the fall, state officials...

Couldn’t we just snooze through it all?

By Janice Lindsay Woodchucks do it. Bats do it. Chipmunks and jumping mice do it. Bears do it. I want to do it, too. I want...

Home care workers: poor caring for the poor

By Al Norman The home care program in Massachusetts has been described as a service in which low-income older women are taken care of by...
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