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Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

Visit the past. Its safer. For this column, I delve into the past. I need a vacation from the present, which I find a...

Couldn’t we just snooze through it all?

By Janice Lindsay Woodchucks do it. Bats do it. Chipmunks and jumping mice do it. Bears do it. I want to do it, too. I want...

Keeping in touch

One of Janice Lindsay’s vintage postcards   By Janice Lindsay People don’t send many postcards these days. Here’s what we do: Snap photos with our smartphone and...

War on poverty now a war on the poor

The federal War on Poverty has turned into a war on poor people. The battle lines have shifted from alleviating poverty, to eliminating poor people. Instead of attacking poverty, the field has been reversed, and the attack is on poor people themselves.

Let’s end all sales tax holidays

Several years ago I bought a kitchen stove during the “sales tax holiday” in Massachusetts. Most years I ignore the “holiday” on sales tax. But the kitchen stove was a purchase I needed to make, so I waited for the tax free weekend. In my case, the retailer who sold me the stove did not benefit from the “holiday”---because I was going to buy it anyway, and all I did was time my purchase to avoid taxes. It was only the taxpayers who got the short end.

Senior Athletes: Advocates for wellness

By G, Gregory Tooker, CPCU The debate about national health care rolls on and on. The fact remains, however, that nearly every first world nation on the face of the planet considers access to affordable health care a basic right. The United States has been wrestling with this enormous challenge for years. Unfortunately, we are home to some of the most unfit people on earth. Poor diet and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are mostly to blame. Nearly one person in 10 suffers from some form of diabetes. Many cases are of the type two variety, potentially reversible through improved diet and moderate exercise, but often patients opt for the easier but far more expensive pharmaceutical approach.

There’s another choice besides hurting the needy

Our state budget is the financial expression of what our Constitution refers to as a “social compact” to ensure all individuals with “the power of enjoying, in safety and tranquility, their natural rights and the blessings of life.”

Ukulele nervous

Why was I so nervous? The world would not come to an end – even my tiny corner would not be endangered – if I could not learn how to play the ukulele.

Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

By Janice Lindsay (Photo Janice Lindsay, Photo Submitted) Sound the alarm. Or not. Uh, oh. We had a crack in our downstairs bathtub. Correction: I thought we had...

You hunter, me gatherer

Ordinarily, this woman does not believe that household tasks are sex-specific. A person does not need upper-body strength to balance a checkbook. The ability to bear children does not uniquely qualify someone to slip a role of toilet paper into a holder. So when routine household chores don’t require superior brawn, she and her husband share them, each doing what he or she likes best or dislikes least.
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