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Friday, January 18, 2019
Janice Lindsay

Machines say, ‘Make my day.’

Mechanical objects aren’t necessarily terrifying; it’s just that some of us might have been more comfortable in a slightly less technological century. For me, the...

A humble manger. Ours.

By Janice Lindsay This is the kind of crèche you buy for the first Christmas of your married life, when you don’t have much money...

Monstrous races

By Janice Lindsay “We never saw those people, we don’t know them, we’ve never been where they live, they’ve never been here, so obviously they...

Lessons from a broken toe

By Janet Lindsay Take my advice: Do not break your toe. You might think, “I have ten toes. What difference does it make if one gets...

Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

By Janice Lindsay (Photo Janice Lindsay, Photo Submitted) Sound the alarm. Or not. Uh, oh. We had a crack in our downstairs bathtub. Correction: I thought we had...

Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

The snake and I By Janice Lindsay (Photo Janice Lindsay, Photo Submitted) We’ve often had garter snakes in our garage, but we never had one as bold...

Cranky consumer lady speaks up

By Janice Lindsay Cranky Consumer Lady buys two nifty stainless steel water bottles with plastic sports caps from a popular outdoors-oriented catalogue company. She keeps one...

Viewpoint by Janice Lindsay

Visit the past. Its safer. For this column, I delve into the past. I need a vacation from the present, which I find a...

Sometimes you get sunflowers

One raw, late-winter day many years ago, arborists took down a grand, ancient pine in our yard. I don’t remember all of our reasons for this but, once it was cut, signs of internal rot made it clear that the tree would have come down anyway, probably tumbling huge limbs onto somebody’s house. The decision to cut it down had been a good one.

Congressional two-step: Cut taxes, then entitlements

Elder rights groups are warning that the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (HR 1) will be financed by gutting entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare.
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