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Home care waiting lists must end

By Michael E. Festa This is not fiction: A 101-year-old Massachusetts senior with a serious heart condition has the ability to live independently in his...

Moment of harmony

I remember one moment when the world, at least my world, rested in perfect harmony. This wasn’t my only such moment, but it was the earliest I remember of experiencing that sweet contentment that occurs when everything is in its place. When my sister and I were little, our parents played piano. They had a tiny band, playing for weekly square dances at the village dance hall on the lake. Usually they were joined by a saxophone player and a drummer, sometimes a fiddler, sometimes a banjo player. But the piano was the musical anchor, necessary for every set of three square dances followed by three ballroom dances. The work was too demanding physically for one pianist; our parents took turns.

Elizabeth Warren takes on ‘the anarchy gang

By Al Norman Massachusetts’ senior senator, Elizabeth Warren, has wasted little time in showing that she is not afraid to take on tough issues. One of...

Knee repair: Therapy as good as surgery?

You might not want to rush into knee surgery. Physical therapy can be just as good for a common injury and at far less cost and risk, the most rigorous study to compare these treatments concludes.

Tips for quitting smoking

Region –If you’re a smoker, quitting is the most important step you can take to protect your health, decreasing the risk of lung disease, cancer, and even early death. If you want to quit and tried in the past, don’t give up. It often takes several tries before you can quit for good. However, with planning and support, you can become tobacco-free.

Let’s end all sales tax holidays

Several years ago I bought a kitchen stove during the “sales tax holiday” in Massachusetts. Most years I ignore the “holiday” on sales tax. But the kitchen stove was a purchase I needed to make, so I waited for the tax free weekend. In my case, the retailer who sold me the stove did not benefit from the “holiday”---because I was going to buy it anyway, and all I did was time my purchase to avoid taxes. It was only the taxpayers who got the short end.

The payroll tax holiday should end

By Al Norman I think Congress has it totally wrong on the issue of the Social Security payroll tax. The House and the Senate both...

No one fix to slow hospital readmission epidemic

More than 1 million Americans wind up back in the hospital only weeks after they left for reasons that could have been prevented — a revolving door that for years has seemed impossible to slow.

Married folks have fewer heart problems

“It might be that if someone is married, they have a spouse who encourages them to take better care of themselves,” said Dr. Jeffrey Berger, a preventive cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York.

Bay State’s 50+ population a source of significant buying power

By Mike Festa Just how much economic activity in Massachusetts is generated by people over age 50? Business owners and others might be surprised: Across...