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High SPF sunscreen ratings questioned

Sunbathers headed to the beach this summer will find new sunscreen labels on store shelves that are designed to make the products more effective and easier to use.

Even fit boomers won’t escape heart problems

The best odds are in the healthiest adults — those who don’t smoke, have diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

What is old school in the world of funeral arrangements?

By Joe Casper Recently I went into an Asian restaurant and asked the young waiter, “My father loved chicken chow-mein. How is it here?” To...

Report for duty by reporting fraud

In July, with American flags flying, we celebrate our nation’s birthday and the freedoms and protections we hold dear. Although love for your country can take many forms, Social Security takes preventing and combating fraud as seriously as we take our other vital missions.

Acceptance: The new American way

In a relatively short span, American views have shifted on everything from gay marriage to marijuana legalization to illegal immigration and, perhaps, more.

New machines fight battle of the bulge

Take heart, all you baby boomers who have let the years pass without a commitment to toning your abs and thighs or challenging your cardiovascular system.

Fresh-squeezed veggie juice finally comes of age

At midmorning, the line at Liquiteria is almost out the door. Customers at the bright, cheerful juice bar can’t seem to get enough of owner Doug Green’s menu of smoothies and fresh-squeezed juices. Some of the drinks are billed as energy builders; others promise to burn fat, boost the immune system or detoxify the lymph system.

Medicare open enrollment an opportunity to review

By Linda F. Fitzgerald For those of us with Medicare, the fall season means more than enjoying the foliage, watching our favorite football team (for...

Oral care important for the older population

Older Americans make up a growing percentage of the population. As we continue to live longer, the need for proper oral care is vital to maintain natural teeth and enhance the quality of life.

Gov. Jane Swift got it right on Home Care

By Al Norman In the middle of January 2015, a group of six elder advocacy groups wrote a letter to Gov. Charlie Baker, urging him...