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What are the most common causes of red eye?

By Dr. Jean E. Keamy Patients commonly complain of red eyes. I thought a review of some of the common causes and associated symptoms of...

What is Deep Vein Thrombosis and how can it be treated?

As we age, our circulation system can lose efficiency, causing a variety of problematic conditions. One such problem is that of undesired clots in the legs. Although clotting is an important safeguard from injury, an unexpected clot can cause pain and swelling and can often be the precursor to a more serious health condition.

Alcohol consumption and the risk of developing dementia

Some of the detrimental effects of heavy alcohol use on brain function are similar to those observed with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Although alcohol use may be a risk factor for AD, it is difficult to study this relationship because of similarities between alcoholic dementia and AD and because standard diagnostic criteria for alcoholic dementia have not yet been developed.

Horror! It’s Mr. Peanut!

This year, Mr. Peanut, that smiling peanut-shaped humanoid decorating food packages that contain Planters Peanuts, turns 100 years old. To you, he might be a...

Aging is inevitable. Decline is optional. Which do you choose?

By Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, Hearing & Balance Centers of New England Humans have always longed for the fountain of youth. We always try to...

How to get rid of those droopy eyelids

When we are in our twenties, our upper and lower eyelids look perfect. No one ever noticed droopy upper lids or puffy bags under our lids in our youth.

What are varicose veins and how can they be treated?

For much of our lives we go about our business relatively unconcerned with our circulatory systems. However, due to a variety of causes, varicose veins can crop up causing both cosmetic and functional problems. Once a patient notices these troublesome veins it is a wise idea to get a professional assessment. Many times patient’s primary care provider will refer them to a phlebologist specialist.
Mike Festa of AARP Massachusetts

New AARP Study: Caregivers of people with dementia at greater risk for social isolation,...

By Mike Festa, State Director, AARP Massachusetts Results of a recent AARP survey found that caregivers of loved ones with dementia put in longer hours...

Rekindling a passion for singing a cappella music

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Culture Editor Region – After taking a two-decade hiatus from singing a cappella music, Michael Radner of Marlborough is once again crooning...
Mike Festa of AARP Massachusetts

AARP Massachusetts 2019 legislative priorities

By Mike Festa, State Director, AARP Massachusetts As we enter a new legislative session, AARP Massachusetts is hard at work fighting for our 800,000 members...