‘I love you wills’: Romantic gesture or disaster?

By Linda T. Cammuso Married couples commonly have simple reciprocal wills that name each other as the beneficiary of the other’s estate. Known as “I...
Attorney Linda Cammuso

Did you fund your estate plan?

By Linda T. Cammuso REGION - Trusts are used every day in estate planning for a variety of reasons that include probate avoidance, gift tax...

Would your loved ones know the answers?

For example, do they know the names and phone numbers of your doctors? What about your health insurance policy numbers or your health care directives? Is there a list of your current medications, and is it up-to-date?

Helping families survive after a death or disability

By Linda T. Cammuso Death and taxes are certainties in life, we’ve all heard that. What you may not know is that the likelihood of...

Demystifying probate part III: rumors and reality

By Linda T. Cammuso Last month, I discussed the use of living trusts as an effective technique for probate avoidance and contrasted trusts with some...

New state homestead law gives expanded protection

By Linda T. Cammuso Until now, Massachusetts homeowners had to choose between homestead protection — which safeguards the equity in one’s home from attachment by...

Urge your adult children to have their own estate plan

By Linda T. Cammuso Most informed seniors have an estate plan, but what about their adult children? All too often, estate planning is perceived as...