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Who was supposed to be watching grandma?

By Cathleen Summers For family caregivers the added stress of the holidays with decorating, shopping, parties and keeping up with all the family traditions is...

New LTC Insurance law protects consumers

By Linda T. Cammuso For seniors who own or are considering long-term care insurance, the recent signing of Massachusetts Senate Bill 2359, “An Act Establishing...

Medicaid/MassHealth: Emphasizing the need to plan

By Linda T. Cammuso Nursing home care or the need for long-term-care services is among the most serious financial burden a senior will experience in...

Who will make health care decisions when I can’t?

Choosing someone to act as the agent for your health care proxy is one of the most personal and important decisions in the estate planning process.

Bad idea to keep estate plan a big secret

People tend to focus on the safekeeping of their estate plan. They try to think of the most secure place to store their documents — places such as a bank safe deposit box, a home safe or strong box or some other protected location.

State’s homestead law and newly enacted changes

By Cathleen Summers We are often contacted by clients and asked to explain the homestead law here in Massachusetts. What are the advantages of declaring...

Estate planning: The right attorney uses a personal approach

By Linda T. Cammuso If you had a heart condition you would not see a general practitioner or go online to figure out your own...