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Marianne Delorey of Colony Retirement Homes

Apply early and often for housing as you age

By Marianne Delorey, Ph.D. “You can’t plan for everything or you never get started in the first place."               ...
Marianne Delorey, Ph.D.

It is better to give than receive

By Marianne Delorey (Photo Marianne Delorey, Photo submitted) “If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one.” Mother Teresa This is the story of Benny....

Those who humble themselves will be exalted

A large part of our success in aging well has to do with how we cope with changes in our bodies. All bodies change over time. There are amazing people who are able to continue using the same skills well into older adulthood. There are also some incredible people who develop or hone new skills as they age. For most people, however, we need to be mindful that our changing abilities can affect our self-esteem. Those who pride themselves on their intellect may face an easier time with sore knees than memory loss, and those that were very skilled with their hands might have an easier time with cataracts than arthritis. But none of us are immune to the frustrations of changing bodies. Very often, we have to remind ourselves, if not society in general, of our own worth, even as we lose some of our functioning.
Marianne Delorey of Colony Retirement Homes

The journey to…and back…from grief

By Marianne Delorey “I sat with my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grief.” – Author unknown. My mother went to...

Those who humble themselves will be exalted

By Marianne Delorey A large part of our success in aging well has to do with how we cope with changes in our bodies.  All...

I am grief

By Marianne Delorey I am grief. I am ugliness borne out of love and loss. I am powerful. I can bring the strongest among you...

A review of elder friendly community rankings

This table summarizes the last several articles about each of the towns in Worcester County and how they compare on elder friendly characteristics. The higher the ranking, the more elder friendly the town was considered to be in each of the areas studied. The areas included the extent of medical facilities available in the town, how affordable the town was, how extensive the transportation options were in the town and how well funded the senior center was.

Home is where the heart is

By Marianne Delorey “Never make your home in a place. Make a home for yourself inside your own head… That way it will go with...

If not grace…

I think often of what it means to age gracefully. Of the hundreds of elders I have met, I am most awed by those who make aging well seem so easy. One of my role models is Janice. Janice puts herself together every day. Her outfit is matched and her hair is coiffed. She is the quintessential lady. She doesn't have an unkind word for anyone. She is upbeat and forward-thinking. She is sharp as a tack and attentive and engaging in conversation. This month she turns 105 years old.
Marianne Delorey

Productive aging

By Marianne Delorey The younger generation has a distinct advantage over the rest of us – they are growing up in a world in which...