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Marianne Delorey

Productive aging

By Marianne Delorey The younger generation has a distinct advantage over the rest of us – they are growing up in a world in which...

10 reasons to get off the couch and take a walk

It can be daunting and overwhelming to consider starting an exercise program; especially when you have not been that active. That’s why walking is such a great way to exercise – just about all of us can do it, it doesn’t require much more than good supportive shoes and can be done almost anywhere at any time. Now that spring has arrived, here are 10 great reasons to get going:

Shrewsbury octogenarian lives life to the fullest

Shrewsbury resident Marion Kaletski works out at Planet Fitness four times a week.   By Valerie Franchi, Contributing Writer Shrewsbury – If you are a member of...

Mass. Senior Games to celebrate 25th anniversary

Region – When the Massachusetts Senior Games (MASG) are held at Springfield College this June, there will be hundreds of athletes age 40 and up participating in sports such as track and field, swimming, basketball, tennis, racquetball, table tennis and volleyball. Some participants have been lifelong athletes while others may be taking up a sport after a hiatus. And still others may be trying an entirely new sport for the first time. What they will all have in common is what Davis Cox, the group’s state ambassador, calls their unofficial slogan – “Get fit, have fun and make friends!”

How to keep your mind sharp

It’s as important to take care of your brain as well as your body. Here are 10 things that you can do to help keep your mind sharp as you age.

Staying physically fit at 62 despite multiple sclerosis

Anna Connors of Shrewsbury has always been physically active. She studied dance from age 5 through her 20s. Then she became a competitive runner and completed marathons. Now 62, she continues a disciplined exercise routine after a 2006 diagnosis of primary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). “I vowed to take care of myself and not let this get me down,” said Connors, a regional ambassador for the MS Foundation.

Framingham runner does not let age stop him

Bob Tomassini, a life-long resident of Framingham, is 78 years old. A U.S. Army veteran, he stands 5’7” and is 135 lbs. He also runs faster in road races than many of those who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s. Born and raised in Framingham, Tomassini’s passion for running started 39 years ago when at 190 lbs., his doctor told him he needed to lose weight or he was going to run into major health problems.

Surviving heart surgery complication with healthy attitude

No one was more surprised than Diane Thaler of Stoughton when she suffered a massive heart attack. She had no heart disease risk factors, so some people might speculate that its occurrence was due to the ill-fated date: Friday, Dec. 13, 2013. “Everybody was totally shocked because I ate well, exercised, wasn’t overweight, wasn’t diabetic and didn’t have high blood pressure,” said Thaler, now age 68. “It was quite a surprise to everyone – most of all, to me.”

Dance therapist connects with multiple generations and needs

A longtime passion for dance progressed to working as a dance/movement therapist for Donna Newman-Bluestein. In recent years, personal family experience compelled her to focus her work on helping people with dementia. “My father had dementia and I saw that the care he was given was not anywhere near good enough,” she shared. “People with disabilities who cannot speak and advocate for themselves get minimal care. I want to right that wrong.”

The Top of the Hill Gang just won’t sit still

Men and women over 50 who are looking for increased social connections in an athletic and sporting setting have come together in The Top of the Hill Gang of New England (http://www.tohg.org/). They gather and enjoy one another’s company year round, “sharing common interests that nourish our love of being active and having fun.” They ski, hike, bike, travel and socialize together. They play golf, tennis, kayak and do hosteling, enjoy social events including dinner dances, clambakes, riverboat rides and game nights. They go to cultural venues such as museums and musical concerts.
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