Elder health Q&A: Dementia

By Dr. Jenny Chiang Q:  What is dementia? Dementia is a general term used to describe a brain disease that affects a person’s ability to think...
68% of family caregivers provide financial support to a loved one.

10 important financial tips for caregivers

By R. R. Fletcher, Contributing Writer REGION - Americans spend roughly $190 billion per year on their care recipients for out-of-pocket expenses. Closer to home, according to AARP, over...

Wandering and dementia – aspects and the risk of falling

By Micha Shalev Wandering, a complex motor, cognitive and behavioral disorder, is a common symptom among patients with dementia. A contemporary definition for wandering is:...

Tips for effective communication with memory impaired loved ones

Both family and paid caregivers may overlook various barriers to effective communication with impaired older adults and consequently misinterpret verbal and behavioral messages.

The joys of a budget conscious summer

By Brenda Diaz During the hot summer months, many seniors choose to stay at home and retreat by watching television and reading to avoid the...
Sheryl Sigel of North Grafton serves as a caregiver to her mother, Elaine Kulberg, who is in her nineties. Photo/Submitted

Many adults over sixty serving as caregivers for their very elderly parents

By Nance Ebert, Contributing Writer REGION - People today are living longer lives, thanks to advances in science and medicine. While this is a positive...
Micha Shalev, MHA CDP CDCM

Keeping our parents a little longer at home

Providing a safe environment By Micha Shalev, MHA CDP CDCM It is a given that most elderly people want to stay in their home and not...

Understanding and handling wandering and the dementia sufferer

There are a number of reasons why many people with Alzheimer’s wander away and get lost. It is often that they forget where they are or decide to do something, then get lost as they forget what it was they were trying to achieve. This is not always the case and wandering may be the sign of distress or illness.

Help for caregivers

By Catherine Walsh, Marketing Communications, Intercity Home Care Each January arrives with a feeling of fresh possibility and renewed optimism. We feel grateful for the things...