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Hybrid tricycle designed to increase mobility

Not a stranger to designing new technology to meet his needs, Janes worked out a design for the Access Hybrid to give his father a way to be active despite his declining physical health,

How to recognize signs it’s time for placement in a specialty memory care facility...

Moving a family member into memory care facility is never an easy decision. However, there are some telltale signs that caregivers can look for in order to recognize when it’s time for assisted living:

Moving into a long term care facility

Part one of a three part series  By Micha Shalev   Most of us dread the thought of permanently moving a loved one into a skilled...

Common myths of aging

By the year 2030, approximately 20 percent of the U.S. population (71 million people) will be over the age of 65 years (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Merck Company Foundation, 2007). Despite this current trend in aging, relatively few healthcare professionals are prepared with the expert knowledge necessary for caring for older adults. The purpose of this article is to discuss few common myths about aging (I am sure there are a lot more, but I will try and focus on the most important ones)

Dementia end stage: what to expect

By Micha Shalev During the end stages of dementia, a person will gradually become dependent on others for all their care and activities of daily...

Caregivers deserve some time off

By Angela Rocheleau March brings the promise of the spring season, but, for some families dealing with elderly or frail loved ones it also raises...

Moving into a long term care facility

By Micha Shalev MHA CDP CDCM CADDCT Part one of this series appeared in the April issue of the Fifty Plus Advocate. Part three will...

Elder Care Resource Guide 2016 – 2017

Here is the Elder Care Resource Guide for 2016-2017:

Little Things Mean a Lot

In 1954 Kitty Kalen sang, “For always and ever, now and forever, little things mean a lot.” And so it is when elders are trying to stay independent.

Elder Care Resource Guide Fall 2017/Spring 2018

Here is the Elder Care Resource Guide for Fall 2017/Spring 2018.