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Let’s Talk: Americans need health care and retirement security

By Deborah E. Banda “I remember the pride I felt when I received my Social Security card at the age of 14,” said Sarah, an...

Today’s threat to Medicare and Social Security: The Supercommittee

By Deborah E. Banda As the race for our nation’s next president begins to heat up, we’re hearing about where candidates stand on Social Security...

Don’t let Congress cut Medicare and Social Security benefits

On Oct. 12, call Sen. Kerry, Sen. Brown and your U.S. Representative at 888-722-8514. Tell them you’re not a pushover; don’t let them cut your Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Are you in? Join the fight to protect Medicare and Social Security

By Deborah E. Banda As the temperature heats up this summer, so does the fight to protect Medicare and Social Security. By the beginning of...

Let’s work to keep Social Security strong for now and the future

By Deborah E. Banda There’s a lot of talk about Social Security these days. Politicians and political pundits talk about solving the nation’s budget crisis...

How federal health reform is helping now

By Deborah E. Banda At the end of January, we were gearing up for a major battle on Beacon Hill. Gov. Patrick was readying the...

An open letter to Gov. Deval Patrick

It is an undeniable fact: Our population is growing older. In 10 short years, we will see a major increase in the 60-plus population that will effectively redefine the makeup of our commonwealth.

Stop Congress from driving doctors out of Medicare

By Deborah E. Banda Today, more than one million Massachusetts seniors rely on Medicare. They have earned their Medicare, and the security of knowing they...

Power of the 50+ voter should not be underestimated

Yet, as decision day draws near, we hear more and more about voter dissatisfaction with politicians, the political system, the status quo.

As Social Security celebrates 75th we must keep it strong

By Deborah E. Banda Social Security is an American success story. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law on Aug. 14,...
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