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Senior Athletes: Advocates for wellness

By G, Gregory Tooker, CPCU

The debate about national health care rolls on and on. The fact remains, however, that nearly every first world nation on the face of the planet considers access to affordable health care a basic right. The United States has been wrestling with this enormous challenge for years.

Unfortunately, we are home to some of the most unfit people on earth. Poor diet and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are mostly to blame. Nearly one person in 10 suffers from some form of diabetes. Many cases are of the type two variety, potentially reversible through improved diet and moderate exercise, but often patients opt for the easier but far more expensive pharmaceutical approach.

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Our parents still have something to teach us

By Sondra L. Shapiro After I delivered a eulogy for my husband’s 93-year-old grandmother, a woman I greatly admired, the rabbi approached me to say he found it refreshing that a person my age would choose an older person as a role model. That was 19 years ago, and I was 42. Though I quickly […]

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50+ singles embracing technology to find love

OurTime.com has seen its membership increase 400 percent. The website provides a targeted experience in finding a companion, someone to spend life with or share experiences with.

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Baby boomers fueling boom in knee, hip surgeries

We’re becoming a nation of bum knees, worn-out hips and sore shoulders, and it’s not just the Medicare set. Baby boomer bones and joints also are taking a pounding, spawning a boom in operations to fix them.

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Boomers worry about finances, health costs

WASHINGTON — The “golden years” may lose some luster for many baby boomers worried about the financial pressures that come with age Many of the nation’s 77 million boomers are worried about being able to pay their medical bills as they get older, a new poll finds. The concern is so deep that it outpaces […]

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Holistic approach for elder care gaining in popularity

When it comes to serving patients in the next 20 years, that holistic approach — looking at all components of a person’s social, emotional and physical well-being — will increasingly serve an aging population.

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