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What to expect when going home with services

You are being discharged from a health care facility -maybe you have had hip replacement surgery, pneumonia, a fall – every person’s situation is different, but the bottom line is you need help in order to go home. This can be a very difficult part of the healing process for many people. Although we are health care professionals, we are still initially strangers to you, and welcoming us into your home can be an intimidating task. We hope to earn your trust and respect while we are assisting in your transition back to independence.

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Fighting to come home

Last month I wrote about a 70- year-old friend of mine with diabetes who fought to return home after a hospitalization, instead of going to a rehab. Well, it has happened again.

A 61-year-old woman from Charlestown called me last week. Let’s call her “Laura.” She is a MassHealth member. She broke her leg, and was sent to a major hospital in Boston. She spent three days in the hospital. At discharge, the staff hospitalist gave Laura a list of three rehabs, and told her to pick one. Laura didn’t know what a rehab would be like, but she picked one facility she had heard of.

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FriendshipWorks aids older, isolated Boston-area residents

“We need each other,” said FriendshipWorks Executive Director Janet Seckel-Cerrotti, “especially older people who have to fight diminishment and the lessening social connections that come with age and fragility.”

The comment sums up Seckel-Cerrotti’s belief in the value of FriendshipWorks, a volunteer organization based in Boston. Working with a staff of 15, she organizes the activities of a group of about 200 volunteers in the Boston-Brookline area who serve their clients. Both English and Spanish are spoken.

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Health care and long term care: two different worlds

State policymakers are once again trying to change the health care system to save money, produce better health outcomes, and increase the consumers’ satisfaction with their care. If the subject of long-term services and supports (LTSS) ever comes up, it is usually in the context of the larger health care system.

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Emergency preparation planning tips

By Kathy Savage Being ready for emergencies requires basic planning and awareness of events that could lead to a loss of electricity, damage to your home or require you to leave your home for an extended period of time. Each event requires advance planning and at a minimum a plan for how you will live […]

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Speak Bostonian: Advice on how to find suitable housing

By Marianne Delorey © Recently, a marketing genius at the Department of Transportation got a simple message across statewide by talking to commuters in the language they understood. Signs across the state read, “Changing lanes? Use yah blinkah.” This ad campaign was so wildly popular that it was covered on the news and voluntarily spread […]

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