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Singer-guitarist hopes lifelong long love of music continues with new ventures 

Dennis Caussade (Photo/submitted)

By Bonnie Adams, Managing Editor

Dennis Caussade’s life has been one filled with academics, service, and family. He is currently employed in the human service field and is very committed to his job. But music has also always been a passion and now at age 50, he is hoping to take that hobby to another level. And much to his delight, others are taking notice of his talent as well.

Caussade grew up in Maryland in a family where medicine was very important. His parents, who are from Puerto Rico originally, both pursued careers in that discipline. His father, Jose, was a physician who practiced in Maryland. His mother, Ana, was a nurse who earned a master’s degree and eventually became the Director of Patient Care at a Veterans Administration Hospital in Maryland.

“She was 30 when she came to the States and didn’t speak any English.” Caussade said. “She is a very strong lady.”

Like many young people, music was an integral part of his life growing up.

“When I was around 8 or 9, I just loved the Beatles,” he said. “They were such a big influence on me.”

The ballad, “Michelle,” even inspired him to write his own tune, “Nancy”.

“The lyrics I wrote weren’t exactly appropriate for me to be singing at that time,” he laughed. “Let’s just say I really didn’t understand what I was singing!”

Nevertheless, he continued to enjoy music, learning and then playing guitar throughout his teens.

Caussade took a different path other than medicine, choosing to get his bachelor’s and then master’s degree in social work.

While in college, although he continued to play guitar and sing at different events, academics was his priority.

“I did well but struggled a little bit. So I really made it a priority to focus on [academics],” he said.

Music served as a way to help him deal with that pressure.

“It’s always been a way for me to channel my stress and anxiety,” he said. “Instead of drugs or alcohol, I played my guitar.”

At one point, Caussade actually seriously considered becoming an ordained Catholic priest, going as far as having discussions with the then Cardinal of Baltimore. After much introspection, he decided not to pursue that path, and instead took a job working in the field of human services.

In 1997, he met his wife Louise and the two married in 1999. In 2004, their daughter Claire was born.

Both are very supportive of his passion for performing, he said.

“I’ve played at different events like fundraisers and open mics,” he said. “I’ve also been invited to perform at festivals in New Bedford and Newport, RI.”

In September, he will play one of his biggest gigs yet when he performs several sets at the Big E in Springfield.

Caussade said his style is reminiscent of James Taylor and his favorite Beatle, Paul McCartney. He performs covers of popular songs as well as his own material.

“They are mostly ballads based on feelings and emotions from my own life,” he said.

But as talented as others may feel he is, it is actually Claire, he said, who is the true musician in the family.

“We have played together a few times and she is more talented than me, for sure,” he said.

As humble as he is, Caussade is nonetheless excited and inspired when complimented on his music.

“People say they think I am good and that they like my music,” he said. “So I am just excited to see where it all leads next!”

He is currently recording a CD at True Music Studios in Greenville, R.I. and enjoys playing his Furch acoustic guitar which he recently purchased.

To hear Caussade’s music visit his Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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